Butcher Block Countertops

Bring the Beauty of Wood Inside

Three Species of Wood Stocked at Merl's, for Quick Delivery

Birch (Stocked)

Birch, with its light shade of blonde and gentle swirls of grain, adds warmth to any kitchen.

Acacia (Stocked)

Acacia's wood grain variation brings unique beauty and sophistication.

Walnut (Stocked)

With its Rich, Dark Color, Walnut makes a striking statement in any kitchen or bathroom!


Hevea adds warmth and elegance to any room with its stunning, uniform grain.

Why Choose Wood?

Wood countertops and islands bring warm elegance, to any environment, from contemporary to elegant. The colors and styles available with wood countertops are virtually endless, from butcherblock, to light and dark varieties and many styles and colors in between. Merl’s Countertops sources the best quality wood countertops with custom finishes, edging, and details available. Our superior craftsmen and installation processes ensure the most beautiful wood countertops for your home or work surface.

  1.     Food safe and sanitary with inherent qualities that prevent bacteria buildup 
  2.     Available in many colors, grains and styles
  3.     One of the only countertop surfaces that looks better as it ages
  4.     Offers a warmth and prestigious look that never goes out of style

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